Engagement Photos: Robyn & Conner


Sidney + Dahl - Wedding Photos!

The minute we booked this wedding, I knew it would be beautiful!  I've had the pleasure of knowing Sidney and Dahl for some time now.  When they got engaged, I was super stoked to have Sidney ask me to take care of doing both Photos and Video!  Obviously, I couldn't shoot both video and photos at the same time, so I put a team together to support my creative vision for the imagery of her wedding.

When I wasn't shooting video, I shot stills.  But most of the work you see here was produced by my team of amazing photographers:  Reagan Powell, Lauren De La Croix, and Marc Turnley.  To them, I tip my hat!

The music video of their wedding is forthcoming... and it will be amazing!!


Anita+Jeff - Engagement Photo Awesomeness

Anita and Jeff are EXACTLY the sort of clients we had in mind when we started ROCKANDROLLHEARTS.  Crazy, fun, and totally in love.  Any engagement shoot that includes a pickup truck, a mint condition Trans Am, a water fall, and an old water heater....  well, those photos take themselves.  All we had to do was show up and press 'click'.  :)



A few commonly asked questions, that I'll go ahead an answer here now:

1) Yes, I'll travel anywhere in the world.  Have cameras will travel people!

2) You don't have to be getting married to hire me.  I'd be thrilled to shoot a music video that celebrates your love for one another! What a great way to spend an anniversary, no?

3) I think people love this video mostly because Lauren and JP were willing to take a risk and legitimately have fun.  You can't fake fun.  You can't fake love.

Keep on sharing this with your friends!  It'll make my day!


Kevin + Anna

Kevin and Anna hosted a beautiful southern wedding, on a beautifully hot southern afternoon, at the Houston Mill House in Atlanta, Ga.  Southern humidity not withstanding, everyone was in great spirits and we had a wonderful time shooting on the Houston Mill House grounds, with the lush Kudzu and Pine trees serving as backdrop for some awesome photos.   Thanks to Kevin and Anna for an awesome time and best of luck to you both as you start your lives together!