Mike + Sarah

What an amazing wedding! With thunderheads and dark clouds swirling around Atlanta, the wedding was somehow spared a torrential downpour.  Talk about an event that was meant to be! The wedding and reception went off without a hitch in the southern beauty of Cator Woolford Gardens. 


Steve + Alison

I don't know if I've met a bride and groom as laid back as these two!  Their wedding was welcomed by friends and family at the Primrose Cottage in Roswell, GA. The fickle march weather co-operated with us, giving us a warm, windy, sunny day.  Perfect spring wedding weather!  As I shot throughout the day, I was continually impressed by the graciousness and kindness of the host and hostess.  They are lucky to have found each other!


Sherie + Her Wedding Dress

Sweet sweet Sherie!  Any woman who brings a bottle of Jack Daniels, a raw steak, and cowboy boots to a wedding dress shoot is FINE BY ME.  Brit is a lucky man indeed.  Having already shot Sherie and Brit's engagement photos, I knew that Sherie was photogenic.  But as she went through hair and makeup with Michele Franco, I was dazzled by her classic, vintage look. 


Brit + Sherie

It was COLD outside when we shot this.  I mean blue fingered, cracked lip, icy downtown sort of COLD.  So I find it no small wonder that Brit and Sherie still managed to radiate warmth in our shoot together.  The plan was pretty simple, get together, have a drink, and walk around downtown taking photos until we couldn't take it anymore! Mission accomplished. 


Ryan + Tariqa

Ryan Waters is an amazing, fret shredding guitarist and vocalist.  He's played for Sade, Heavy Mojo, ILL and has released is own solo stuff.  Oh yeah and he's super ripped.

Tariqa is the kinda girl that when she walks into a room, club, or concert venue,  she registers on every dude's "smoking hot lady" radar, and every other woman's "I think my man is checking out that broad" radar...

So when they asked me to take some photos that would celebrate their love and commitment to one another, it was no brainer.