Since we first released "Lauren+JP", we've had tons of fans contact us to say, "where were you when we got married?!" Since we can't travel back in time, and we can't be in all places at once, we now offer the "Rock and Roll Wedding Remix"!

You send us your wedding footage and photos on an external hard drive. We'll review your footage, and if possible, create a 15 second sample of how we'd reinvent your video. If you give us the thumbs up, we'll finish the whole video and ship it back to you on the same hard drive!

This is great gift for anniversaries. It's also a wonderful opportunity to work with our creative team after your wedding, in the event your budget didn't allow for us to travel to you create an original video!

To get started, please use our contact form!



Heather and Rick got married a few years ago, so their video footage was already digital, but not the best quality ever.  However, the video footage from the reception was really a show stopper for them.  It was badly underexposed, and if I was grading the footage, the best lit reception footage was maybe a C+ at best, and F at worst! Here are some screenshots of the reception footage in question:

Heather wondered if it was even possible to salvage enough footage to complete a wedding video remix. We took a sample of Heather's worst footage, and did a couple of tests.  We showed her the best we could do with the worst of her footage, and she was pleasantly surprised! Granted, some of the results were still quite grainy, but where she could barely see anything in her original footage, now she could actually make out what was happening in the footage -- a drastic improvement!  Heather and Rick were super pleased with the results!



Like tens of thousands of couples across the US, Krista and Pete had very little "watchable" footage from their wedding day.  They had a VHS tape that was old (2001) and amateur in quality.  Krista sent me the tape, along with a CD of photos, and some loose photos from their wedding day. We converted the VHS tape to digital files and scanned the loose photos.  

Once we had all our media, we got to work.  We cut a teaser trailer to show Krista what we thought we could accomplish.  Once she watched and approved our teaser trailer, we finished cutting the video.

We had to work around some of the footage that was in bad shape, or in such low light as to be difficult to watch, but the final result is a complete refresh of their wedding experience! It's bite sized, showcases the highlights of the day, incorporates photos from the day, and is fun to watch.

Krista loved the song we used in Nate Berkus show so much, we used it here too.  ("Where To Start" by Tommy & The High Pilots.)



This was a fun & challenging project.  Matt & Ashley were a featured wedding on TLC show "Wedding Day Makeover", so they had a fair amount of footage to begin with, not including the additional footage and photos they got from friends and photographers at the wedding. Matt is an accomplished director and editor himself, but simply didn't have the time to tackle this mountain of wedding media.  Further complicating the project, the footage was a mix of SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Definition), and 16mm footage!  It sounded like just the sort of video remix project that was right for Rock & Roll Hearts!

The song Matt & Ashley picked is "California Sun" by The Ramones.  This was an inspired song choice, because it really sets the mood for the video: fun, irreverant, and all about being happy!




The Nate Berkus Show Wedding "Remix" Video!

The show has already started airing on the East Coast, and will be airing on the West Coast in a few hours. Everyone at The Nate Show was amazing to work with and Nate is an amazing guy! I hope they can find a reason to bring me back at some point!

If you didn't see the show, I was provided with a wedding video for a lovely couple named Kara and Eugen.  Like lots of folks, there simply wasn't any budget to hire a professional videographer.  What they ended up is pretty typical of what I've personally seen over the years: shaky footage, poorly composed shots, bad audio, etc.  I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, it's just the reality of DIY wedding videos.

You can see a sample of their original footage here:

The challenge from Nate's team was to recut her original video (over 40 minutes long) into a 60 second "TV friendly" sized video remix! I received the tapes on a Saturday, and had to fly to the taping in NYC on Monday, so I literally had to work around the clock to make this happen in 48 hours.  Normally, I'll spend days working on video edits, so this was a tough, but challenging task.

Since the source video was so poor to start with, I though that going with a 8mm film look would give work with the footage.  And since the footage itself was of small resolution, I created a moving matte of her wedding photos to occupy the remaining space in the frame.  See the result below:



If you are interested in having your own wedding video remixed, don't hesitate to contact us today!





The show itself...

Then a backstage interview...