A New Take On Wedding Videos!

At we’re known for our unique music videos that document couples in love. You can say we’ve re-imagined what the wedding video should be, and it’s resonated with couples around the world. Although most of our videos take place at a wedding celebration, we aren’t limited to that. Our creative video philosophy applies equally to weddings, engagements, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries or special romantic getaways.

Our creative philosophy is simple, but as powerful as your favorite four chord rock song! Our philosophy is: 

  • The goal of each video is to celebrate your love for one another. The wedding celebration itself is only the setting. It’s your love and commitment to one another that has the power to move people. 
  • Your video should be less than five minutes long. This makes it easy for anyone to watch. Your choice in music is critical. We want a song that represents your personalities and inspires creativity in the edit. 
  • In our world, everyone’s a rock star. So don’t be afraid to act like it! Do The Robot. Laugh hysterically. Build dresses entirely out of dandelions. Make all your guests wear Devo hats. Drop origami birds from the sky! The more you give us, the more we can give you back!! 

On the day of your shoot, our primary focus is to capture footage that best meets the four points above. We’re hunting for compelling, interesting video shots, in the same way a photographer should look for a clever angle to take your photo. It’s important to note that because we’re constantly looking for interesting ways to capture footage, our takes tend to be shorter, with an emphasis on footage that works for a music video. If you are interested in documentary style footage (long takes, interviews, etc.) we can discuss your options to generate this sort of footage in your initial consultation. )


Intimate, Timeless Photos.

Our clients tend to have one thing in common:  they want something different; they dare to be edgy; they want to be unique.  They might be business casual during the day, but they are all rock and roll at heart! We specialize in shooting couples in love.  Weddings.  Engagements.  Anniversaries. Romantic Weekend getaways.  It's a simple formula: We bring the gear and years of experience,  you bring the love.   Together, we'll create a piece of art you'll have for a lifetime.


Who's Behind The Lens?

ROCKANDROLLHEARTS is the work of me, Matt Odom, as well as other videographers and photographers who work with me on a project by project basis...

The cliff notes: I've lived all over the world, been involved with indie rock music as an artist, fan, or photographer since my early twenties,  been working as a commercial photographer for over six years, am a self professed web-geek, couldn't live without making images that move the people around me, and have often been called a mix of pirate, artist, friend, trouble-maker, and nomad (not necessarily in that order).


I started ROCKANDROLLHEARTS because I think there is plenty of room in the wedding industry for non-traditional, creative, original ways to document people in love.  Since launching RRH, people from around the world have responded with TONS of love and support for the work you see here.  You see, I knew I wasn't alone!

My clients are kindred spirits. Couples who aren't defined by the norm.  Lovers who aren't afraid to create art.  Salt-of-the-earth sorta folks.  They all, to a person, have rock and roll hearts.