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Sidney + Dahl - Wedding Photos!

The minute we booked this wedding, I knew it would be beautiful!  I've had the pleasure of knowing Sidney and Dahl for some time now.  When they got engaged, I was super stoked to have Sidney ask me to take care of doing both Photos and Video!  Obviously, I couldn't shoot both video and photos at the same time, so I put a team together to support my creative vision for the imagery of her wedding.

When I wasn't shooting video, I shot stills.  But most of the work you see here was produced by my team of amazing photographers:  Reagan Powell, Lauren De La Croix, and Marc Turnley.  To them, I tip my hat!

The music video of their wedding is forthcoming... and it will be amazing!!


Mike + Sarah

What an amazing wedding! With thunderheads and dark clouds swirling around Atlanta, the wedding was somehow spared a torrential downpour.  Talk about an event that was meant to be! The wedding and reception went off without a hitch in the southern beauty of Cator Woolford Gardens. 


Steve + Alison

I don't know if I've met a bride and groom as laid back as these two!  Their wedding was welcomed by friends and family at the Primrose Cottage in Roswell, GA. The fickle march weather co-operated with us, giving us a warm, windy, sunny day.  Perfect spring wedding weather!  As I shot throughout the day, I was continually impressed by the graciousness and kindness of the host and hostess.  They are lucky to have found each other!


John + Holice

What do you get when a FIT grad from NY marries an amazing chef from Atlanta?  A well fed, well dressed, wedding party! John and Holice picked Atlanta's Trolley Barn as the location for their wedding.  We snuck in a number of photos at The Georgian Terrace Hotel as well though, before the ceremony.  The result was a wonderful collection of photos that showed off the handsome couple!  The shot of Holice holding the knife Hitchcock-style is still a personal fave.


Manu + Liz

Liz:  Hey Matt, interested in shooting my wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico?  You'd be staying on the beach in a villa with the wedding party.

Matt:  Viva Mexico! I'll be packed in 5 minutes.  I'm gonna go ahead and go wait at the airport for the next 12 weeks just to make sure I don't miss my flight.