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The RRH Video Remix!

As seen on "The Nate Berkus Show", if you can send us all your wedding videos and photos on an external hard drive, we'll recut it into a Rock And Roll Hearts music video original!


A New Take On Wedding Videos!

At we’re known for our unique music videos that document couples in love. You can say we’ve re-imagined what the wedding video should be, and it’s resonated with couples around the world.


Intimate, Timeless Photos.

Our clients tend to have one thing in common:  they want something different; they dare to be edgy; they want to be unique.  They might be business casual during the day, but they are all rock and roll at heart!


Most Recent RRH Original Video!

London. On the Thames. At Sunset. BRILLIANT!!

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sam+andrew wedding video
Jonatan and Maria elope to NYC from Sweden!!

Southern Charm. Chucks. Giraffes. Awesome!!

A wonderful, classic, east coast summer wedding.

California Wine Country. Sunset. Dancing. Beautiful people... Wow!