Mike + Shana

When Mike and Shana asked me to take engagement photos of them at the Starlight Drive-In Theatre, I was like... um, YES PLEASE. We twisted the arm of the caretaker to let us into one of the lots that wasn't open, and we were able to get these awesome photos, with Screen and background all to ourselves!



John + Holice

What do you get when a FIT grad from NY marries an amazing chef from Atlanta?  A well fed, well dressed, wedding party! John and Holice picked Atlanta's Trolley Barn as the location for their wedding.  We snuck in a number of photos at The Georgian Terrace Hotel as well though, before the ceremony.  The result was a wonderful collection of photos that showed off the handsome couple!  The shot of Holice holding the knife Hitchcock-style is still a personal fave.


Manu + Liz

Liz:  Hey Matt, interested in shooting my wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico?  You'd be staying on the beach in a villa with the wedding party.

Matt:  Viva Mexico! I'll be packed in 5 minutes.  I'm gonna go ahead and go wait at the airport for the next 12 weeks just to make sure I don't miss my flight.



Eric + Karen

It doesn't get anymore rock and roll than this.  Eric plays in Doomsayer, a metal band.  Karen is a tattoed beauty who's worked at the coolest clothing stores in Atlanta for as long as I've been here.  They decide to get married at Star Bar (yes, home to the Elvis shrine), by a guy in a top hat, with their friends and family present.  As a gift to them, I shot these engagement portraits.  And since they didn't have an official wedding photographer, I couldn't help but snap a few photos of their wedding as well.


David + Krista

I owe Krista a ton of thanks.  She was the first to have the faith in me and trust me to shoot her wedding.  She and I had been friends for years, and she'd been watching me slowly build my photography portfolio and reputation as a photographer.  Whe she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was flattered.  When she told me it would be at the Fox Theatre, I was humbled.  Nervous even. 

Krista and her bridesmaids were beautiful and radiant.  David and his groomsmen were handsome and cooperative. In the end though, I was reminded of one important truth: location, location, location.  The charm and majesty of the Fox Theatre was the x-factor that made my first wedding shoot a success.




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