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Anita+Jeff - Engagement Photo Awesomeness

Anita and Jeff are EXACTLY the sort of clients we had in mind when we started ROCKANDROLLHEARTS.  Crazy, fun, and totally in love.  Any engagement shoot that includes a pickup truck, a mint condition Trans Am, a water fall, and an old water heater....  well, those photos take themselves.  All we had to do was show up and press 'click'.  :)


Brit + Sherie

It was COLD outside when we shot this.  I mean blue fingered, cracked lip, icy downtown sort of COLD.  So I find it no small wonder that Brit and Sherie still managed to radiate warmth in our shoot together.  The plan was pretty simple, get together, have a drink, and walk around downtown taking photos until we couldn't take it anymore! Mission accomplished. 


Eric + Karen

It doesn't get anymore rock and roll than this.  Eric plays in Doomsayer, a metal band.  Karen is a tattoed beauty who's worked at the coolest clothing stores in Atlanta for as long as I've been here.  They decide to get married at Star Bar (yes, home to the Elvis shrine), by a guy in a top hat, with their friends and family present.  As a gift to them, I shot these engagement portraits.  And since they didn't have an official wedding photographer, I couldn't help but snap a few photos of their wedding as well.