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Being Different Can Be Just a Click Away 

You can’t deny that inspirations can now be found just by searching Google. Blogging platform Tumblr is one good source for many aspiring artisans to find inspiration (and animated cat .gifs). For those who are just simply bored, no need to call friends over or go out. You can simply visit your favorite gaming hub like Foxybingo . Want to be a fashionista? may be your thing. Getting married, wedding inspirations range from the latest Huffington Post list of wedding trends, to simple Pinterest pages of those dreaming of beach nuptials or Paris honeymoons.

However, others want to be edgy, or “not-so-mainstream”. Finding such inspiration can be tricky, especially for weddings. On the up side, digging around the World Wide Web can garner satisfying results. For those wanting a not-so-traditional wedding motif, here are just some of the inspirations you can find:

The Bohemian Feel

Nothing can be more unique than the carefree, artistic nature of the Bohemian style. has a series of articles with photos that imbibe bohemian-inspired wedding themes from the whimsical, to the beach all the way to the desert. There’s even one edgy look wherein the bride, while still wearing her simple, yet elegant gown, is seen donning a leather jacket. Very sleek and smooth with a touch of fair warning to the husband-to-be that this chick is not one to be messed with.

Minimal It Is

For others, simplicity is all that there is. No ruffles, no hassles so they say. Renowned fashion stylist Rachel Zoe has gone into much thought to give women empowerment on how a wedding can be minimal yet far above elegant and grand. Take in Zoe’s “body-hugging Roland Mouret dress, sleek Anita Ko earrings and a jaw-dropping Eric Buterbaugh bouquet of black callas” and you’re sure to feel the punk preoccupation as her site mentions. Oh and for you guys, Vera Wang can help. She no longer just does gowns. If you want to look like a James Bond on your special day, take a peek at what Wang offers in her The Men’s Warehouse.

There’s still more non-traditions you can do of course as enumerate from wedding gown colors to NOT choosing cakes. Keep looking. A unique wedding theme can even inspire your photographer or videographer to create unique photo and video opportunities that you will cherish in the future. 

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